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Favour baking school Baby shower cake

Chicken cake made by Favour baking school and her students

Beautiful cake made by Mrs Silvia Ferrada Colman , I call her grandma because she was like a mother to me

Best Christmas cake

Christmas cupcakes made by Foluke Obamiro

Christmas cake made by Odutayo Oluwafunke

Cake made by Mrs Ademilola Olufunke

Fondant recipe by Kitchen Pastries

fondant recipe; By Kitchen Pastries 
 2 packs of icing sugar
3TBSp water
1TBSP plus 1Tsp gelatin
3heaped TBSP Glucose
A pinch of cmc!! ...
Sift your icing sugar, set aside, mix ur gelatin in d water and allow to soak for a few mins, then melt , then add the glucose until it's melted, then pour warm mixture over your icing sugar and cmc and mix until it comes together, if it's strong add a bit of hot water then knead until smooth? Wrap in cling film or airtight container and let stand for a day before use!!! !!!

Christmas cake made by Odutayo Oluwafunke, she is a member of BE PROUD OF YOUR CAKES AND TUTORIAL group on Facebook

Christmas cake and end of the year Christmas cake made by Miss Ngozi Nwaogu