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Birthday cake we don't planned it

My husband cake

My homemade peanut( groundnut)

Homemade peanut ( groundnut) with cooker
1kg fresh peanut Water  Salt 
Method 1. Wash your peanut because we don't want to eat chemical or dirty . 2. Add salt to little water and mix it with the peanut. Spread it on a tray and dry it outside or in your room.  3. Preheat the oven and when is hot, you can now put the peanut inside but you need to lower the oven heat. 4. Keep eye on it while you turn the peanut with wooden stick every 2 minutes ( we don't want to eat burnt peanut 😂) . 5. Keep turning and keep eye on it again until well cook . Taste it if peanut is ready . Off the oven and remove the tray . Keep it outside too allow it to cool then when your peanut is cool . 30mins then you can put it in a container and close it tight . ( don't forget to share with your family😎

Nigerian meat pie