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Louis Vuitton handbag cake ( Tec Confectioneries )

Louis Vuitton handbag cake ( by Tec Confectioneries )
Thanks for sharing your hand bag cake with us

How to make groundnut soup by Favour Etuke ( Author 'Your Kids Can Cook Too)

Favour Etuke -Author 'Your Kids Can Cook Too'. ( Thanks for allowing me to post your recipe)

How to make groundnut soup:

500g raw peeled groundnuts (peanuts)
Assorted meat & fish (Beef
Shaki (cow tripe)
Dry fish OR Stock fish)
Palm Oil
A small bunch of Pumpkin leaves
Spinach or Bitterleaf
2 tablespoons ground crayfish
Knorr Soup seasoning
Salt (to taste) & ground dry pepper.


 Before cooking your groundnut soup, Soak the stock fish & dry fish for a few hours. The length of time depends on how hard the stock fish is. You may also decide to boil it a bit.

When soft, clean the fish, remove the bones and separate them into small pieces.

Roast the raw groundnuts in a pan, stirring constantly till they look golden brown( Make sure the groundnuts do not get burnt), After this set aside to cool down completely then grind into powder with a dry mill.

Wash & cut the pumpkin leaves into tiny pieces. If using spinach, cut into small piec…